Thuwal, Saudi Arabia 23955 | 0544700705 | samar.aseeri@kaust.edu.sa
Dedicated Computational Scientist with experience in achieving tangible results and
cross-team collaboration. Proactive and excited to partner with like-minded individuals
to achieve goals.
King Abdullah University ofScience and Technology, Saudi Arabia, Thuwal
Before joining KAUST, she was trained in supercomputing at IBM's Thomas J Watson
Research Center in Yorktown Heights, NY
She provided support to the Shaheen user community at the KAUST Supercomputing
Laboratory (KSL) and is currently focusing on research at KAUST's Extreme Computing
Research Center (ECRC).
Knowledge of: FFT
library packages
(2dcomp&fft, FFTE,
software and
performance tools such
as Scalasc, TAU, Extrae.
Python, Fortran and C
programming languages
and linux/unix
commands. OpenMPI
and OpenMP
parallelization libraries,
Visualization Tools
(Paraview and Visit).
Experiance with HPC
platforms CPU, GPU,
ARM and AMD.
Numerical methods for
solving PDE's such FVM
and Spectral Method.
Communication skills: I
have prepared and
delivered outreach
presentations to engage
people in high-
performance computing,
such as WEP lectures
and KAUST SC'22 booth
talk, and contributed to
the KAUST Open
Research Week 2021
with a lecture about a
tool on Shaheen II. I also
write blog articles about
venues I have organized.
Research Management: I
have led initiatives to
form HPC communities
for FFT in the Exascale
era and for
benchmarking in the data
center. I have also
managed research
endeavors starting from
an idea, proposing
collaborators, distributing
tasks and writing and
submitting papers.
Umm Al-Qura University, Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Bachelor, Master and Ph.D, Applied Mathematics, 2009
Member of SIAM, ACM and IEEE
I am interested in the broad area of high-performance computing. My current research
interests are Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) library algorithms, benchmarks and its
implementations; Scalable Performance Tools; Parallel Hardware Benchmarking; and
application performance analysis.
HPBench Special Session at HPCS conference. During years: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017,
2018, 2019 and the Virtual 2020 Session
HPCS 2020, Virtual - Run a Special Session
HPCS 2019, Dublin - Run a Special Session
HPCS 2018, Orleans - Run a Special Session
HPCS 2017, Genoa - Run a Special Session
HPCS 2016, Innsbruck - Run a Special Session
HPC Asia 2021, Virtual - Present a paper
HPC Asia 2019, Guangzhou - Chair a Workshop
HiPC 2018, Bengaluru - Chair a Workshop
IXPUG Middle East Conference 2018, KAUST - Present a lightning talk
SC 2018, Dallas - Present a lightning talk and help in KAUST Booth
SC 2017, Denver - Run a BoF and help in the KAUST booth
SC'22 - Give a KAUST Booth talk and to attend
ISC'22 - Attend
ISC 2019, Frankfurt - Attend
ISC 2018, Frankfurt - Run a BoF
ISC 2017, Frankfort - Attend
PPoPP 2022, Virtual - Chair a workshop
PPoPP 2021, Virtual - Chair a workshop
PPoPP 2020, San Diego - Chair a Workshop
PPoPP 2022, Virtual - Mini-symposium
SIAM Parallel Processing 2022, Virtual - Mini-symposium
SIAM Parallel Processing 2020 - Workshop at HPC PPoPP 2020
SIAM Parallel Processing 2020 Seattle - Organize a two-part mini-symposium and give
a talk
SIAM PP 2020, Tokyo - Organize a mini-symposium and give a presentation
SIAM CSE 2021, Virtual - Organize a one-part mini-symposium and give a talk
SIAM CSE 2019, Spokane - Organize a two-part mini-symposium and give a talk and
present a poster
Mini-symposium at SIAM CSE19
Mini-symposium at SIAM Parallel Processing 2020
Mini-symposium at SIAM CSE21 (Virtual)
Mini-symposium at SIAM Parallel Processing 2022 (Virtual)
Workshop at HPC PPoPP 2020
Workshop at HPC PPoPP 2021 (Virtual)
Workshop at HPC PPoPP 2022 (Virtual)
CUG 2021, Virtual - Run a BoF
CUG 2019, Montreal - Attend
Birds of Feather at CUG 2021 (Virtual)
ICPE 2019 Mumbai - Paper presentation
BenchCouncil 2019 and SC'19, Denver - Present a paper and help in KAUST Booth
SpringSim 2015, Alexandria (Virginia) - Present a paper
M3HPCST 2015, Ghaziabad - Give an invited talk
Chair of HPBench special session at HPCS IEEE conference since 2014
PC member for Project Poster at ISC19
PC member for Posters at WHPC Summit20
PC member for ESM2 Workshop at SC'20, SC'21 and SC'22
Hosted guests of KAUST-ECRC and KAUST-PSE in 2018 and 2019
Mentored Liem Radita Tapaning Hestl for Women in HPC workshop at ISC 2017
Co-mentored a High School student for the SRSI program at KAUST
Contributed to the KVL two-day workshop: HPC Visualization with ParaView, Apr 23-24,
Attended training courses on PRACE, Cray XC30, OpenFOAM Programming, and VI-HPS
Tuning Workshop in Germany
Visited HPC centers including Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Jülich Research
Center, and UCSD Supercomputer Center
Experience in Shaheen I at KAUST, Stampede at TACC, Mira at ANL, K computer at
RIKEN, SANAM at KACST, and Titan at ORNL
Currently have access to Shaheen II and Ibex at KAUST, Fugaku at RIKEN, Jureca at JSC,
and Isambard ARM in Bristol
Organized more than 15 technical meetings
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Muite, B. K., & Aseeri, S. (2020). Benchmarking solvers for the one-dimensional cubic
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